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June 2017

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One of the 3 waterfalls that make up the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve, New Lanark, Lanarkshire

I cannot believe it is June already, half of 2017 has already gone by. Being the start of our summer it is now the time to make the most of the good weather and the vast number of activities and events taking place around the country. You have everything from country shows, kite festivals, heritage events such as steam rallies and jousting, to music festivals such as Glastonbury and many events that involve animals, water, land and air. Take a look at our diary for something to inspire you. Some Quick Links:-
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On the wildlife front there are so many opportunities with the number of garden birds increased by this years new offspring, so no need to leave your backyard if you don't want to, through to those seen and heard in woodlands and some islands around our coast there are the breeding grounds of Puffins.  This time of year they are busy going out to sea to catch sand eels and returning to their burrows to feed their newborn's. How to photograph puffins was put together after we made a visit to Skomer Island, off the Pembrokeshire coast in South Wales, it has loads of information on how to prepare for your visit, how best to photograph them as well as loads of photos that were taken on the visit.

Puffin with a beak full of sand eels before entering its burrow
on Skomer Island

Ponds are also busy places, take a look in the pond at your local park and you will come across not only ducks, moorhens and coots travelling in tandem with their new chicks, but you may also see swans nesting or gracefully moving through the water with this years new cygnets. Flying nearby will be Dragonflies and Damselflies, they move so fast it's a challenge to catch them, be patient find a leaf nearby and quietly wait and at least one will take a rest, or even two if they are feeling a bit amorous. In our garden pond we have many tadpoles in different stages of their life cycle and loads of small water based snails. Macro Photography is good for catching close-ups of the smaller wildlife. A couple of years ago, although we live in a town, we had some baby fox cubs who decided to make our back garden home for a few weeks. This year we've only had a couple of adult foxes visiting who have been using our small compost heap as a nice warm bed to take a nap in the daytime.

Nature is full of surprises and my garden is now full of colour with roses, lilies, rhododendrons and more.  Driving past some local woodlands I have smelt the wild garlic and seen the woodland floor covered in white. If you get a chance to wander the cliff tops on our coast then you will encounter Sea Pinks and Sea Campions, amongst others.

A Cotswold Garden

Gardens are a great source for nature and wildlife subjects, whether it's your own or a visit to the many that are open to the public. Garden Photography is something I really enjoy and as well as visiting my garden as it changes, I also like driving around the Cotswold villages nearby and capturing other gardens and flowers. Houses open to the public offer different perspectives from the grandeur of Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire   with its statues, structures, and water features to the smaller, practical and intimate gardens of Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk. Many of the houses open to the public by the National Trust, English Heritage or privately through the Historic Houses Association have garden spaces, you can wander and capture some colourful plant life. There are also some individuals who open up their gardens, for some weekends during the summer, through the National Gardens Scheme, to show off their displays and at the same time raise money for a good cause. Our Gardens Section has lots of helpful articles, lists of places to visit and more.
Finally so far this year we haven't been able to get out and about as much as we would like, life has been getting in the way. But this month we did manage to get a two day break in Scotland. The first day was five and half hours travelling from our home to Glasgow. That evening we saw a show in the Royal Concert Hall in the City Centre. The next day on the way home we stopped off at the UNESCO New Lanark Cotton Mill Village, World Heritage site, and also saw and photographed the bottom waterfall of three of the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve, the closest to the village.

Robert Owens House within the New Lanark Village. He was a moderniser and believed if you treated your workforce good you would prosper and so would they!

What's New and Changed
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New Lanark Cotton Mill Village, Lanarkshire

Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve, New Lanark, Lanarkshire

Garden Photography

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire    

Types and Styles of Gardens - There are many different types and styles of gardens and many of them are included within the various ones listed in our indexes. This gives a list of the different ones and explains some of the more popular.

Gardens Open to the Public - Taking a look at those gardens which open to the public to raise money for charity.

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